Are you ready to place an order? Here is a check list of what you will need to send us:

  • Master CD, DVD, Blu-ray fully mastered/authored or DDP
  • Press-ready graphics files set to our templates and specifications
  • Completed Replication Rights Form and licensing (if applicable)
  • 50% deposit (Visa/Mastercard, check, money order, cash)
  • Complete contact and shipping information


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The following are statements of policy, which explain some of the details typically associated with duplication orders. These guidelines allow us to run our facility as efficiently as possible, therefore offering an outstanding value for our customers. Please read the following carefully, as it directly affects the processing of your order. In the rare case of a problem or dispute we will refer to these policies.

+/- 10% All DVD, CD and Printing orders are delivered within +/- 10% of order quantity. Billing is for individual unit price multiplied by quantity delivered. Manufacturing is a complicated multi-step process and units are often rejected at various stages if quality control standards are not met.

TURNAROUND TIMES We always strive to meet or exceed expectations, while providing consistent service for all customers. Ready dates are considered target dates. Various factors, such as quality control, human error, equipment failures, labor shortages, power outages, transportation problems, and inclement weather conditions, can affect your target date. NW Media will not be responsible for loss due to late delivery. NW Media shall use its best efforts to ship as soon as possible and purchaser agrees to accept the merchandise as so shipped.

Normal Turn Time DVD and CD turnaround is normally 12 business days. Size or quantity of order does not normally affect turn times. The turnaround time is from the day of approval (day 0) of all parts, tests and proofs. Schedules vary from day to day and cannot be predicted in advance. If you have an urgent order please consult your salesperson. We cannot fully guarantee short notice turnarounds, but will make every reasonable effort to meet your request.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY NW Media will not be held liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages (including loss of profit, revenue or sales) as a result of services received at NW Media. Our entire liability and purchasers exclusive remedy shall be replacement of product or refund of purchase price at our discretion. This is limited to product proven to be defective by generally accepted industry standards. Any product found to be tampered with, after leaving NW Media premises, will not be replaced or refunded.

PRODUCTION READY MASTER, DIGITAL FILES Unless stated otherwise, we assume customer provided parts are produced to NW Media specifications. We will not be held responsible for delays or errors resulting from parts not conforming to specifications. All work necessary to conform masters or digital files to specifications will be billed at our normal Graphic Design rates. All master discs, artwork and other preparatory work created or furnished by NW Media shall remain NW Media's exclusive property unless otherwise specified. In the event an order is cancelled the client agrees to pay for all services rendered up to that time.

SHIPPING DAMAGE In the case of damage to your product during transit -- please document your claim and contact the carrier immediately. Although damage that occurs during transit is solely the responsibility of the carrier, please contact us and we will assist in coordinating your claim.

DAMAGE TO MASTERS, DISCs We will always exercise careful and professional handling of all client provided parts. Human error or equipment failures may damage parts. NW Media will be liable for direct replacement of blank media or film output only. Please do not send any parts unless you have original or back-up masters stored in a safe place.

PAYMENT TERMS A 50% deposit is required upon placement of all orders. No job will be scheduled nor will work begin until a deposit is received. Payment in full is required, including shipping, prior to delivery. Visa, MasterCard, money order, certified check, company check and U.S. currency accepted. Out of state personal checks will need to clear prior to order release. No portion of any order can be shipped or picked-up without full payment.

Partial shipments will require payment for the entire order including shipping & handling. Any balance beyond 30 days will incur a 1.5% per month finance charge. No masters or graphics parts will be returned until payment in full is received.

To assure quality, the number of units delivered is subject to be within plus or minus 10% of the amount ordered. You will be charged for the exact amount delivered. Orders with deposits paid 100% in advance will receive any overage at no charge. In the event of an under run a refund will be issued.

Client agrees to indemnify and hold NW Media, its employees and contractors harmless from any and all liability and/or claims arising as a result of services and products provided by NW Media to client. Client warrants and represents to NW Media that (s)he is lawfully entitled to reproduce and copy recordings, photos, album covers, or other originals submitted with each order.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call an NW Media representative to confirm all prices and details. Price estimates are subject to review at the time of ordering and upon receipt of all necessary masters and art. Estimates are not binding until accepted by a sales representative from NW Media. NW Media reserves the right to change prices, materials, paper stock, specifications and quantities mentioned in our catalog without notice or obligation.

Once the proof CD/DVD, and/or art proof have been approved the client agrees to pay for all work performed. If there is a manufacturing defect that is not a result of flawed client-supplied masters, NW Media will remake the product. No product will be replaced or credit issued more than 60 days after client's receipt of product.

In the event that NW Media is forced to retain an attorney to enforce any of the provisions included herein, client agrees to pay NW Media's reasonable attorney's fees.