NWMedia has expanded the scope and customer base of its abridge services. abridge is designed for customers expressing a desire for expansion into adjacent markets. Deployed solutions — the marriage between an app and an iPad — produce something extremely useful and previously impossible. Simply put, iPads can be used to sell other products and abridge creates the apps (the “secret sauce”) needed to make iPads do what business needs in a way customers now want.


Four Distinct Services

By adding tools to help personal business-to-business processes and business-to-consumers sales, abridge makes complex sales simple. And maybe more importantly, these four services enable businesses to reach people in the way they want to be reached: simply and directly. Many people, especially those under 40, prefer to receive information using mobile computing, and they’re especially comfortable with the market-leading iPad.

Companion: The Right Info at the Right Time

  • Detailed, offline product info
  • Driven by sales staff, face-to-face
  • Supportive to the sales rep
  • Tag items during the process
  • Send info to prospect
  • Lightbox: Preload a set of info beforehand

Gatecrasher: The Right Message to the Right Person

  • Beautifully-crafted box with magnetic lid
  • iPad with presentation app loaded
  • Guided or self-paced
  • “Contact me” or “Call a sales rep” options
  • Location tracking
  • Time stamp: What Happened When?

Decision Tree: Complex Decisions Made Simple

  • Customer-driven tour of products and services
  • Guided, leading questions
  • Product education
  • Decision tree: learns from analytics
  • Independent use by customer

Server: Manage Everything From Everywhere

  • Analytics Server
  • Collect and display usage habits
  • Content Management Server
  • Automatic content updates to the iPads
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • iPad location, battery level, and other statistics


With abridge, we help you make more sales — faster!

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